Meet Becky

Becky is a 39 year old mother of 4 very normal daughters.  She has a Diploma of Mechanical Engineering, a Diploma of Management, and Cert. III in Aged Care.  Becky started working at age 15 and was a volunteer fire fighter for four years.

Becky has been a single Mum at times between her relationships.  She has been resourceful and hard working to make sure her children’s needs are catered for.

People matter to Becky, so the world they live in matters too.

Becky has been concerned about our changing climate since she learned about it at High School.  Because of that she has been active in raising awareness of how to counter climate change.  She has practiced frugal, low cost and sustainable living.  She is generous with her time, helping aged friends with their gardens, and establishing community events.  Becky won an Australia Day award for her efforts in 2014.

Most of us assume that every family has a loving Grandmother helping out.  In Becky’s case her mother has narcissistic tendencies, so she can’t rely on her Mum to help out.  It can be really tough as a Mum who doesn’t have many people to reach out to for a helping hand, and this can make Mums and their children vulnerable to sexual predators.  It makes it harder to have that happening when many people don’t understand how a toxic mother can cause trouble for her children and grandchildren.

Becky is married to her best friend.  They have a baby together, and have been very busy fighting the legal fight of their lives.

Becky invites professionals to use her story as a Case Study for the purpose of improving understanding of child abuse, sexual assault, and the low and no conscience personality disorders.

We can be contacted at


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