Complaint about Doctors

Note: some names changed to protect victims

Trigger warning


Author: ’Becky Morgan’

 14 May 2015

Len Lambeth

Chief Psychiatrist

Department of Health and Human Services

Dear Len,

I am sure you are aware of my case and concerns surrounding it, as discussed with you by “DL”.

I am in the process of scribing a lengthy and complex complaint about  a number of the state psychiatrists.  This is taking time not least because I have a 4 month old baby, and because much of the record kept by the Doctors is barely legible, and in many places not legible.  It is also taking time to find out exactly what went wrong (well, it is obvious to me, but to make a complaint I need to support my observations with tangible evidence).

Reparation will require discussion and investigation, but I do ask you to take immediate action to ensure that the assessments of the Doctors concerned (Dr  J, Dr K and Dr W) are immediately rescinded so that my children and I are treated appropriately from here on in.

The consequences of the actions taken by various psychiatrists in 2014 and 2015 have been devastating for my family.  My daughters, who were repeatedly abused over 2 years, are now in the care of their father, and being “treated” by Dr W at Clare House.  Dr W has made it clear that she does not believe the children were abused.  When Jane disclosed to “Damien” (their father)’s sister “Lesley”, Auntie “Lesley” replied “its not nice to tell lies”.  My primary concern is that my children are currently separated from me under the advice of Dr W.  The people around them do not believe they were abused and hence are inflicting further trauma on the girls.  We are in court again in just over a week.  This is an opportunity to correct the indiscretions of Drs  J, W and K.

There are numerous problems with how the Doctors assessed and treated my daughters and I and it will take time to collate a complete complaint.  They repeatedly broke the Mental Health Act and the psychiatrist Code of Ethics.  More details will be forthcoming as time allows.  We have evidence by way of my medical records and witnesses to support our assertions.  I will tell you several things now in the hope that you can immediately instigate reparation and any actions that may undo the damage so far done to my family and I:

There was never any grounds for an assessment of delusion or schizophrenia.

In DSM-5 the definition of delusion is: “A false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly held despite what almost everyone else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary. The belief is not ordinarily accepted by other members of the person’s culture or subculture (i.e., it is not an article of religious faith). When a false belief involves a value judgment, it is regarded as a delusion only when the judgment is so extreme as to defy credibility.

Regarding  what almost everyone else believes : In the case of my narrative the tendency of people not to want to believe what is truly horrific, as well as the tendency of child abusers to groom victims’ family and community, and to discredit the victim, must be taken into consideration.  The staff the local Primary School have several close relationships with the 2010 accused and the 2013 accused, and hence cannot be assumed to be impartial.  I am willing to give you details of this if you wish.  Child abusers are also known to target single mothers who have a poor support network.  This is consistent with what I told the doctors about my mother being abusive.  I have also been estranged from my mother since 2010.  My mother cannot be assumed to be impartial and she cannot be deemed to have current knowledge.  The Police are pointed to by the Doctors as having investigated and found the allegations unfounded (with some RHH staff recording naively, ignorantly and incorrectly “unproven”).

I have a letter from Police Internal Investigations confirming that the Police did not investigate properly, and that the Internal Investigation prompted by my complaint about Police handling was also not conducted properly.  The Police cannot be relied upon as judge of this situation.  In 97% of child abuse cases that come to light (many more are never disclosed) there is no evidence to prove the allegations.  This is a case where the allegations may never be proven and they cannot be disproven.  In my own opinion the Police involved acted to discredit me.  This is supported by the content of a recording made by Police during an interview in September 2013.  The same failure in culture has prompted the resignation of the South Yorkshire Police Commissioner’s deputy, and calls for the Commissioner to resign.

My children and I believe the abuse happened, as evidenced in their disclosure notes and contemporaneous artwork.  My twin believes that the abuse did happen as she was witness to contemporaneous conversations.  My friend “JT” believes the abuse did happen as she was witness to contemporaneous conversations.  My husband believes the abuse did happen because he was a close friend before, during and after the abuse and witnessed my classic trauma responses.  The children have also repeatedly told my husband that “’P’ did bad things”.  The girls’ babysitter believes the girls were abused because they have disclosed to her in such detail that she found it traumatic.

Dr Milford McArthur writes that I am ‘plausible’.

It is widely accepted in western culture now that child abuse is widespread, and that drug assisted rape is common.

Regarding ‘despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary’ I hold extensive notes of the children’s disclosures, which are detailed and are in context.  There are 30 or more works of art done by the children (explicit) and by the 2013 accused (threatening) which support the narrative.  There are witnesses to disclosure by the girls.  Jane had warts on her foot removed by our GP that she said “came off P’s feet.  He had warts on his feet and he used to (explicit content) and that’s how I got warts on the bottom of my feet.”  Immediately post rape I reported to my GP for severe anal bleeding for which the Doctors could not find an explanation.  I reported to the GP for thyroid tests because I could not understand why I would suddenly become sleepy, and inexplicably sleep until 3pm.  There is an interview online of 20 or so pages in which 2013 accused describes himself as risk taking, transient (i.e. no great need to belong to a community), fearless.  It shows him to have a grandiose sense of self and my husband at first thought him to be boastful but clever in several areas, then when the 2013 accused spoke about topics my husband is well versed in it became apparent that the 2013 accused’s knowledge was superficial and he was not nearly the expert he promoted himself as.  The interview alone is evidence that the 2013 accused has one of the low or no conscience disorders ( having lived with him I believe he fits the Antisocial personality disorder label easily.)

Regarding ‘The belief is not ordinarily accepted by other members of the person’s culture or subculture’: Dr K notes that during the ambush by he and the CATT team at the CPS office I smiled incongruently.  In fact I was smiling because I found it incredulous that these “professionals” were collaborating to discredit a victim of sexual assault in the very same week that the Royal Commission was in Hobart investigating the Hutchins School abuse case.

Since the advent of the Royal Commission into institutionalised child abuse it has been accepted widely in the Australian community that child abuse does happen and is far more prevalent than previously understood.  Over the past few years there have been several cases similar to mine that have come to light in the global media.  The number that have occurred and gone undetected , not been reported, not been investigated and not been publicised would be far greater.  It is culturally accepted that a person may have experienced sexual assault/abuse.

It must be noted that Dr K is Indian.  “Every 30 minutes a woman in India is raped and many never see justice because they are too fearful to report their attackers to a corrupt police force.”

Dr K’s assessment of me seems to be a reflection of his culture, not of mine.

Repeatedly Dr K took notes that were not legible, that were subjective and ambiguous.  He made notes about me days after his last clinical presence with me.  He took my history in the first session then failed to clarify and ensure he was accurate, hence my history is filled with inaccuracies.  Dr K assumed that things that were ‘triggers’ for me and were affecting my marriage were imagined.  Had he been honest with Dean and I Dean could have clarified that the ‘triggers’ were real.  Dean and I were honest and open with the doctors but they were deceitful and secretive.  For example Perinatal Mental Health staff lied to me that they were referring my children to a Sex Assault Support Service when in fact they referred them to Clare House.  Dr K quotes GP DR P as saying that I reported my partner to have “magical thinking powers”.  Dr P has agreed to supply me his notes, and these may give some clarification here, however the statement that was quoted was actually me explaining that the 2013 accused has magical thinking tendencies, eg. recounts being told his future by both a “white witch in Liverpool” and an “angel” on a mountain.  i.e. where I was giving evidence that supports my narrative it was taken and twisted to support Dr K’s assessment.  Such errors are perpetuated as prejudice throughout the process.

Dr W, supervised by Dr J who also supervises Dr K, has seen my children briefly on only a few occasions.  She inexplicably had the most time to speak at the MHT hearing and then she refers to the MHT as support of her own assessment.  In her report she describes herself as using unsupported and clumsy interview technique, such as art and craft and explicit leading questions.  Dr W grinned triumphantly before, during and after the MHT hearing.  This shows a lack of empathy and brings into question whether or not Dr F W is indeed well enough mentally and emotionally to be working with vulnerable people and assessing children for risk of harm.  Dr W reports disorganised attachment in Emily and yet has not seen me with or without my children, and hence cannot have assessed attachment.  Dr G has had 4 sessions  in which she could observe my children and I together and she refutes strongly Dr W’s claim of disorganised attachment too.  Dr W was briefed as early as August by the Perinatal Mental Health Team.  She was not then impartial in her assessment of my children in December 2014.

Throughout my notes times when I was introduced to a new member of my treating team and I gave my history as is appropriate the record describes this instead as “escalating” and “preoccupied”.  Frequently if I mentioned the abuse, often when asked why I was in DoP, mention of the abuse was instead recorded as “speaking about delusional material”.

I was “damned if I do, damned if I don’t”; when my behaviour was congruent, eg. becoming upset in November when I realised what Dr K planned, it was described as dysregulated affect.  When I called on my mindfulness and CBT  skills to stay calm, for fear of my anger being labelled a behaviour, it was recorded that my affect was incongruent with what I was discussing.  On this I would like to make the point that the Psychiatrists Code of Ethics requires the Doctor to learn from patients.  If only they had shown some curiosity and honesty I could teach the Doctors a lot about what the victim of assault, and the mother of an abused child experiences, thinks and feels.  Its time the industry turned to the victims in order to learn and better serve.

Throughout Dr  J appears to have been influencing other Doctors but not taking responsibility for this.  Dr R finally noted Dr  J’s involvement in my treatment while in DoP after I reminded her that I would be taking legal action and that those with names on paper would be in the firing line.  It appeared to me at the time that Dr  J was unduly influencing my assessment and treatment and yet would not be held accountable.  I can give more detail if you are interested.

While in DoP there were several attempts to coerce me into having my pregnancy terminated by way of induction.  This was by way of direct lies that:  I had pre-eclampsia, that the foetus was under distress, that the due date had been miscalculated.  I am a fourth time Mum and knew these for the lies they were.  My records prove it, not only in the absence of data to indicate pre-eclampsia, distress and wrong due date, but in a note by staff emphasising that it was the Perinatal Mental Health Team that “drove” the deceptive efforts to coerce induction.

I note the attached article in which Dr  J apologises for the stolen generation of adopted babies, then states “all the mothers gave consent” but fails to balance this with the culturally acknowledged truth that the mothers were drugged, tricked and pressured.  Dr  J then goes on to say that these things no longer happen.  Well, we have seen in my case that it does still happen and that Dr  J is a perpetrator.  I am appalled that a person who clearly lacks empathy has multiple senior roles relating to the care of vulnerable people.

The intention of the Doctors to induce labour and remove my child, and taking action to ensure my other children were removed, shows a blatant misunderstanding of modern best practice in relation to attachment.  As per Dr Allan Schore’s research, it is preferable that a mother be offered support rather than a family separated.  The Doctors refer to current learning but miss the point entirely in applying it.

My current goal is to bring to an end the separation of my children and I, and return them to an environment where their experience is validated at their initiation as is best practice.  Reparation will require discussion and investigation, but I do ask you to take immediate action to ensure that the assessments of the Doctors concerned (Dr  J, Dr K and Dr W) are immediately rescinded so that my children are treated appropriately from here on in.

Sincerely yours,

“Becky Morgan”


20th May 2015 Update: Dr P’s notes show no concerns about Becky’s psychiatric health prior to being phoned by Dr K.  There is no note in his records quoting Becky describing her partner as having “magical thinking powers”.  Dr P writes on 21/8/14 “Psych Reg (Dr K) with Perinatal service rang…I was struck by the nature of her description but her seemingly calm affect and high functioning job etc.  Reason for visit: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”



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