Its all in the research

We ‘ve been doing some reading and are impressed that (a) the research out there and available to all has already published concerns about mistakes made by “Child protection” workers, rampant bias in the system, the links between sociopathy and child sex abuse… the list goes on.

We are also impressed, but in a very disappointed way, by the extent that our services do not reflect this current knowledge.  Intervention seems to be stuck in the bad old days of demonising parents rather than supporting and educating them, and that once again survivors seem to be at the forefront of knowledge on domestic violence, child abuse, trauma and healing etc.  We do concede that may be because survivors are hurt so badly by the system; it is natural to want to make sense of our experiences, and that is when we are likely to be pro-active in educating ourselves.

So, today, we would like to share with you the articles recently linked on our “myth busting abuse” page.  If you don’t have time to read those, we leave you with one sobering statistic:

“…if we screened 10,000 children in the general population, we would miss 7 high risk cases, correctly identify 33 and falsely identify another 1,195 families as high risk (Browne & Saqi 1988).  This is quoted from a a UK publication, but their culture and “Child Protection” system is not so unlike ours, and anecdotal evidence supports an assumption that these figures carry to the Australian system.  

Coupled with current knowledge that separation of a child from their mother disrupts healthy brain development and causes trauma, which passes from generation to generation, it looks like our “Child Protection” system is perpetrating far more harm than good, and subsequently costing tax payers a lot of money in CPS costs and  consequences including health costs, social costs and justice costs. – Becky


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