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Dr Fiona Wagg has attracted a lot of negative feedback on Rate MD.

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Dr Fiona Wagg rates a mention:

The Advocate – mothers labelled delusional

Empire building

Suicide inquests

Suicide inquests – more

Rate MD features complaints against Dr Fiona Wagg, child psychiatrist Hobart, Tasmania:

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Oh dear! So distressed to read this is all still happening with this Dr! I wrote my review a year ago. Something needs to be done. A combined complaint to the Mental Health Ombudsman perhaps? Would be very interested in meeting up with families who have suffered because of this psychiatrist. My heart goes out to you all! I am very much aware of how traumatic interactions with this doctor can be!

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: I would like to contact others who have had a bad experience with this woman this would allow me to heal she’s cost me money & my health

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: How I wish I had never taken my 12 year old daughter to see this woman who calls herself a doctor. My daughter was anxious and depressed after being sexually assaulted and had started to self harm. So the doctor put her on antidepressant and antipsychotic medication at very high and dangerous dosages which made my daughter so sedated she could no longer go to school and gain a lot of weight. Next thing her heart rate shot up and I had to take her to hospital and it turns out it was the medication doing it and she could have died had we not brought her in. Then this doctor suggested electric shock treatment for my girl and became angry when I refused and threatened to have her put in hospital involuntarily and take it to a tribunal hearing of some sort. Eventually I took my daughter to a psychologist who has been working with her on her problems through talk therapy (dr wagg never suggested this) and she is on a LOW dosage of one anti depressant which is being managed by my GP. It is very fortunate that I have a strong personality that is not easily intimidated or my girl could have died.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: I was a patient of this woman for several years. As luck would have it I ended up working along side her in later years.. Patient confidentiality is a joke to this woman, One Staff lunch (Christmas 2010) “Dr.” Wagg spent quite some time sharing ‘funny’ stories about assorted patients under her care, I felt entirely violated listening to her amusing Nursing and clerical staff with stories about various tormented people.. maybe my story was told to someone as a joke? who knows.. Other reviews also point out such things as pushing dangerous medications (I was put on Zoloft, 80% over maximum dose when I was only 15) Being pushy, not caring or really listening.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Horrible horrible woman. Completely disregards patients best interests in favour of ECT. Please do not send your child to her!

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Seems very nice at first but is very pushy with shock treatment and last resort medications that have deadly side effects. Seems to try and force children to fit mainstream stereotypes of normality instead of teaching them it is ok to be an individual.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Hi, I left a private message with my email address. Will look forward to hearing from you. Lets get this sorted out!

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Agreed! How many more families haven’t found this site to air their grievances? PM me here please to share. Let’s be the ones to clean up Tassie’s broken system. If all you can do is share your story anonymously, please at least do that. Breaking the silence helps protect others. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009685058719 and I suggest watching “Cash for Kids” on Netflix. Sh!t happens and until it is cleaned up it will continue to stink.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Oh dear! So distressed to read this is all still happening with this Dr! I wrote my review a year ago. Something needs to be done. A combined complaint to the Mental Health Ombudsman perhaps? Would be very interested in meeting up with families who have suffered because of this psychiatrist. My heart goes out to you all! I am very much aware of how traumatic interactions with this doctor can be!

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: She is pure evil no other words to describe her and her information sheet on ect needs to be updated in line with the latest medical research; she does not properly inform and tries to bully into what she wants which is outdated and unethical. Beware.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Seems nice at first but is very unethical do not trust this dangerous person

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: I looked up Dr. Fiona Wagg reviews on here before taking my 13 year old son to go and see her – he has been depressed for several months now and tried both Lexapro and Lovan and neither had worked. I thought I’d give her a chance despite reading the poor reviews and now I wish I hadn’t. My son ended up being admitted to hospital and was very upset that both Dr. Wagg and four other psychiatrists who assessed him would not permit myself or my husband to be in the room when they were talking to him, despite him begging for us to because he was frightened of being in hospital. Being in a strange place with five doctors you don’t know very well asking you questions is intimidating for anyone let alone a 13 year old boy. He also wasn’t allowed to go out in the fresh air with myself and my husband present or one of the other nurses, and had cameras on him at all times except for in the bathroom (which we were not told about upfront – we didn’t realise until we noticed them the next day and he had already gotten undressed in full view of them twice – he was understandably reluctant to trust them after this as they had not told any of us upon admission). Then after a week of him not improving on a cocktail of new medications they put him on – olanzapine and aropax and Valium – she wanted to do shock treatment. Well I refused, and she took it to the tribunal and made up downright lies – that my son wasn’t eaten or drinking properly which was rubbish. My husband and I had been bringing him in food and drink every day and he ate and drank it all in front of us. The tribunal was a joke – they didn’t pay any attention to what we said at all. They administered the treatment – 12 rounds – and he actually deteriorated instead of getting better. He felt nauseated, sore, upset at being forced into the treatment and overall traumatised from the horrible experiences he was subjected to. Eventually he decided to fake being better just so he would be let out. He still has nightmares about it and memory issues from the shock treatment but thankfully he has a very good GP who has put him on mirtazapine which has been excellent and it helps him sleep too. He is seeing a counsellor to help recover from the trauma but to this day he refuses to see a psychiatrist or step foot in a hospital and I can’t blame him. Please be very careful with this woman – she has serious issues and doesn’t deserve to be called a doctor. The system is broken.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Was only 10 mins late but seemed to have made up her mind about me within 5 mins of seeing her and kept pressuring me to go back to school when only a week ago I was suicidal

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Seemed nice at first but wasn’t willing to listen to me or my family and tried to push me into making me entirely what she wanted me to be.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Told me my 14 year old son would get well a lot faster if he had electric shock treatment and said he wouldn’t get many side effects other than a bit of memmory loss and head aches but it took over 3 weeks for him to get better and 4 months later his memmory and thinking is still not right he is also upset that it happened

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Provided untrue facts about my mental health symptoms to other doctors to try and get their support to put me on a last resort medication clozapine which can be very dangerous even though I had only tried abilify nothing else yet. Saw a new psychiatrist who put me on zeldox which started working in less than a week. The new psychiatrist was not impressed when I mentioned clozapine and said it’s for treatment resistant cases when nothing else has worked before cuz it can have life threatening side effects. Dr Fiona Wagg is not a trustworthy doctor and doesn’t think about what’s best for her patients in my opinion.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Tried to pressure me into having shock therapy for my daughter by telling me I didn’t really care about her or her best interests if I didn’t go along with it. She tried to pressure my daughter into it as well even though she said she didn’t want it. She hadn’t even tried a different anti depressant yet. Took her to a different doctor for another opinion and the doctor recommended a different medication and she’s fine now. We are both so glad we didn’t follow her recommendations, it would have been very traumatic for us both.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: I have always found her to be really helpful. She has made a big difference to my family’s health- in a postive way.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: I think she is untrustworthy, damaging and unethical. I would recommend not trusting this woman with the wellbeing of your child or adolescent. She makes assumptions without checking the facts, does not listen and recommends last resort treatments straight off the bat.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Dangerous. Repeatedly breaks FRANZCP Code of ethics. Claims to “disprove” child abuse. Non-empathic. Uses unsupported interview techniques. Seemingly not up to date Re: Trauma, criminology and narcissism. Avoid this psychiatrist.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Dangerous woman, does not listen and recommends powerful drugs and even shock treatment for teenagers. Tasmania needs a new child and adolescent psychiatricst.

Re Dr Fiona Wagg: Poor understanding of factors influencing mental health state. Does not listen. Made my child suffer unnecessarily in short term.. Long term negative effects of ‘treatment’ far outweigh any benefits. Think again if sending your child to seek help from this doctor.








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