“I smiled, incredulous that this could be happening in the very same week that the Royal Commission was in Hobart about Hutchins School.” – *Becky Morgan

When *Becky Morgan’s children told her that they had been abused, she had no idea how much life was about to change.  Four years on, she and her husband are fighting to be reunited with the girls.  Becky’s story is ongoing, as she seeks acknowledgement and reparation for systemic abuses and poor handling by Health, Education and Police Department employees.  She wants those involved to know that they are being watched by the wider community, so that others are protected.

In this site find:

. resources for the real and effective protection of children

Becky’s story – an unparalleled case study of systemic failure and of child abuse

. child safety myths busted

. disturbing evidence including the ‘error-ridden’ transcript supplied by Tasmania Police

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Note: this is an organic site.  It will grow as we are supported to add content, and it will grow as more evidence is uncovered that explains how society’s commitment to protect its most vulnerable went so horribly wrong.  We invite you to like this site and subscribe to updates as we add resources and information.

*Names have been changed to protect the victims


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Cheshire England, Child rape, child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, child emotional abuse – all have become a national sport for police and social workers.

    I have full records and evidence for everything.
    The abuses were accepted in evidence in a Crown Court in Chester on 9,10,11,12 March 2015.
    The police refuse to investigate these crimes, because they are both complicit and negligent.
    Government just simply sticks it’s head in the sand and pretends it all does not exist.

    ALL the while, children are being abused and forced to live with their abusers….right now as you read this.

    It’s happening everywhere. Scratch the surface and you find it hidden by people scared of the police and secret family courts.

    However, the abused are numbering in tens of Millions and this evil bevahiour is going to burst properly, or violently.

    I hope your children there and all over get rescued soon.

    Edmond Dantes.
    FaceBook Edmond Dantes of Chester or Ellesmere Port
    FaceBook Page Cheshire Police Child Abuse Cover Up
    Facebook Page Cheshire Child Abuse Cover Up
    web http://www.moralpropositions.com


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